Monthly Archive: January 2013

  • IMG_1745 small Va va vroom. Did you notice the motorbike!?
  • IMG_1349 small •❤• Bonjour Paris •❤•
  • IMG_1620 small Quick snack!

The Lovely Louie Shot Pussy.

Got some great shots back from Louie Banks, do you like them?! More to come. Love, Pussy. xxx

pussy edit It was snowing! You can't really see it, but I SWEAR! It was freaking snowing!!!

Pussy Hair FROZEN

You wouldn’t believe what I did today!!! We were doing a photo-shoot and it started snowing, so the photographer thought it would be a good idea for me to go out IN THE SNOW IN MY UNDERWEAR! Oh my goodness! My hair was frozen, but I think we got some good shots so it was […]

Well, hello there! Pussy LaRae at your service.

Hello World, it’s a Brand New Day and Pussy’s Coming out to Play!

Hi everyone! It’s Pussy! This is my first blog post, as you can probably tell…! Do you guys like the website? My fabulous friend Linda Harrison built it for me. Check her out at I’ve got loads of exciting photo-shoots and catwalks coming up over the next few weeks, so I plan to share some sneak […]