Well, hello there! Pussy LaRae at your service.

Hello World, it’s a Brand New Day and Pussy’s Coming out to Play!

Hi everyone!

It’s Pussy! This is my first blog post, as you can probably tell…! Do you guys like the website? My fabulous friend Linda Harrison built it for me. Check her out at www.LindaHarrisonMusic.com

I’ve got loads of exciting photo-shoots and catwalks coming up over the next few weeks, so I plan to share some sneak previews of the photos and behind-the-scenes action here. Also a (secret) TV channel are filming a documentary about my life, how crazy is that?! I’ll post up all the details on that as soon as I’m allowed to…hopefully they’ll give me some of the footage so I can share it with you lovelies 🙂

If you guys want me to answer any questions or want to offer me work, please contact me using the contact form here.

Until next time,


Pussy x

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