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The Pussy Party you’re invited to!

Doors are at 8pm and I’m on at 8:30pm sharp, so be there early. This Pussy will only perform for 5 minutes, which I think is satisfactory for most men?

I’m Tumblr Famous!

I just found these fabulous gifs of me and Noel Fielding’s moment of passion! I hope Lliana Bird can forgive me. To reblog, go here: Or to watch the full video go to:


Feel so lucky to be the star of HARRISON’s latest music video! The video features some shots of me at London fashion week and at a few parties I went to. It also features a few of my besties: Lianne La Havas, Professor Green, Noel Fielding and Stooshe! I hope you like it! xx

This is Pussy: Introduction to Pussy

Pussy was raised on the streets after being disowned by her family due to her “unsightly” appearance. However, it was this rejection that drove Pussy to fight her way into the fashion industry. This documentary offers an honest insight into the life of Pussy LaRae and her plight to make it as a catwalk star. […]

  • Matt Bramf Photo by Matt Bramf
  • Alex De Maio photo Photo by Alex De Maio
  • Me and Yu Masui Photo by WooBered
  • stylecupidblog Photo by Style Cupid Blog
  • Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 09.11.08 IN THE DAILY MAIL!

London Fashion Week so far…

I’ve had such an amazing time at London Fashion Weekend so far. I really didn’t think people were going to be so accepting of me. All my life I’ve been rejected and been told I look weird and even “deformed” so I was quite scared about attending LFW. However, all my worry vanished within the […]


So excited for London Fashion Week! Also incredibly excited because the song that Linda Harrison wrote (inspired by me) is coming out very very soon and she’s sent me the artwork!!! It was meant to be a secret, but you know I’m no good at those!

  • IMG_1745 small Va va vroom. Did you notice the motorbike!?
  • IMG_1349 small •❤• Bonjour Paris •❤•
  • IMG_1620 small Quick snack!

The Lovely Louie Shot Pussy.

Got some great shots back from Louie Banks, do you like them?! More to come. Love, Pussy. xxx

pussy edit It was snowing! You can't really see it, but I SWEAR! It was freaking snowing!!!

Pussy Hair FROZEN

You wouldn’t believe what I did today!!! We were doing a photo-shoot and it started snowing, so the photographer thought it would be a good idea for me to go out IN THE SNOW IN MY UNDERWEAR! Oh my goodness! My hair was frozen, but I think we got some good shots so it was […]

Well, hello there! Pussy LaRae at your service.

Hello World, it’s a Brand New Day and Pussy’s Coming out to Play!

Hi everyone! It’s Pussy! This is my first blog post, as you can probably tell…! Do you guys like the website? My fabulous friend Linda Harrison built it for me. Check her out at I’ve got loads of exciting photo-shoots and catwalks coming up over the next few weeks, so I plan to share some sneak […]