Biography. The history of Pussy.

Pussy LaRae – the worlds (soon to be) top supermodel.

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Pussy was raised on the streets after being disowned by her family due to her “unsightly” appearance. However, it was this rejection that drove Pussy to fight her way into the fashion industry. Speaking of her mother, Pussy said “I doubt I’ll ever meet my mum, but I like to think that one day she’ll see me in Vogue or on a billboard and know it’s me and that I survived.”

Having initially faced dismissal from all the major modelling agencies, Pussy took matters into her own hands and started gate-crashing catwalks and holding her own photo-shoots. Now she has unofficially walked Do you give up and walk away, or do you take a risk and force them to recognise you?” for Vivienne Westwood, Haus of Holland and American designer Jeremy Scott. “What can you do when people are ignoring you?” she says, “Do you give up and walk away, or do you take a risk and force them to recognise you?”. ‘Quitting’ wasn’t an option for Pussy, so she pushed herself to take risk after risk after risk. Reminiscing on the beginnings of her career she says “The stunts were fun, but mostly they left me broken-hearted. Why did I have to force people to try me out? Why couldn’t they just look at me and take a chance like they did with all the other girls?”

At just 19, Pussy is still in the beginnings of her career but having just shot with rising-photographer Louie Banks she’s certainly moving onwards and upwards. To keep up-to-date with Pussy’s coming’s and going’s follow her blog here.

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