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The Pussy Party you’re invited to!

Doors are at 8pm and I’m on at 8:30pm sharp, so be there early. This Pussy will only perform for 5 minutes, which I think is satisfactory for most men?

I’m Tumblr Famous!

I just found these fabulous gifs of me and Noel Fielding’s moment of passion! I hope Lliana Bird can forgive me. To reblog, go here: http://pussylarae.tumblr.com/post/45751537179/haha-someone-made-a-gif-d-watch-the-full-video Or to watch the full video go to: http://youtu.be/_0C6k56WrYw

This is Pussy: Introduction to Pussy

Pussy was raised on the streets after being disowned by her family due to her “unsightly” appearance. However, it was this rejection that drove Pussy to fight her way into the fashion industry. This documentary offers an honest insight into the life of Pussy LaRae and her plight to make it as a catwalk star. […]